This blog is a record of my love-affair with learning.

Every few years, no matter what I am doing, I stop and undertake a pedagogy/analysis project. In high school it was a set of interviews, studies, and guided readings investigating pedagogical approach and curricular rigidity at Phillips Academy Andover, where I was a student. I concluded that I had no idea what I was talking about and that curricula within a learning institution are difficult to agree upon, let alone perfect…

At MIT, I undertook two teaching and learning projects. In one, I conducted a study of MIT’s freshman physics, TEAL, basing my report on observations and interviews that turned out to be overwhelmingly critical of TEAL’s technology for technology’s sake, absence of realistic oversight/benchmarks, and absence of a realistic pedagogical model. I won the “Industry Prize for Best Paper” at e-ducation without Borders 2005 for this work. In 2006, my undergraduate thesis at MIT consisted of a user interface and multimedia learning technology for immediate outpatient data collection, specifically directed towards new and disabled computer users.

Now, after a few years researching at the MIT Media Lab and more than a year running my design and consulting firm, I am working with OLPC deployments in the middle east to facilitate learning and development in impoverished, repressed, and underserved communities.

My online portfolio of fun is at – go there and immerse yourself in the sweet jelly of my mindgrapes.

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